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Christmas and New Year Discount Party Supplies Online

Happy Wednesday…BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! I am so excited for the Christmas party that is now only a two days away from us. We have the whole house set up for the party, and while my wife is finishing up some of the cooking (I’m not allowed in the kitchen after last year’s…well…let’s say that we found out the true value of a smoke detector), I am putting the finishing touches on the house with all of the Christmas discount party supplies online that I got a few weeks back. We have window clings on nearly every window, one wall is sporting a stylish scene setter party decoration, and we have snowflake danglers hanging from the ceiling to create a winter wonderland environment. We have other details and decorations in the room, but those are the biggest eye catchers. While I am happy to have everything set up for our Christmas party, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed about the lack of time we have between Christmas and New Years to clean and re-decorate the house with all of our New Year party decorations and supplies that we got from Factorydirectparty.

We are all ready for both of the parties, but when you have a month to prepare and decorate for one, and then you have 5 days to prepare for your second party, time can feel a little tight. Which holiday party is your favorite: Christmas or New Years? I love both, but I think I lean more heavily toward Christmas since it is such a fun time with family and friends. New Year parties can be fun too, but there is something about the trees, the gifts, and everything else, that makes Christmas simply amazing. Since I have finished preparing for the Christmas party, I am starting to go through all of my New Year discount party supplies online to figure out what needs to be prepared, and trying to get an idea of where I want to put everything. Some things are rather randomly prepared, while others are meticulously planned for and prepared to make sure the room looks just right for the occasion.

I feel like there is so much to be done between now and when our party starts. My wife is overwhelmed by the stress of truffles, and other candies for which she is known, and is now expected to prepare for the festivities every year (though she does enjoy it, there is a level of stress). I need to make sure I have everything I need for my New Year party, but I will be back to tell you all about it very soon. Have fun, celebrate life, and have a very Merry Christmas.

Moreover, this craziness doesn’t end with New Year. A little more than a month after New Year, there is going to be Valentine’s day celebrations which need to be equally great, if not better. Less than a month after Valentine’s day, we have St. Patrick’s day which we celebrate in a grand manner. For all these occasions we need discount party supplies online and we are thankful that we have Factorydirectparty.